FIXENTIA empowers decision making.


To empower is provide you with quality responses and solve your problems.
The purpose is to progress on your corporate objectives and steal a march on your potential competitors.

At FIXENTIA we know that making decisions should not be influenced by uncertainty. Knowing the areas in which uncertainty can flourish allows us to fine-tune the confidential reports we provide. Some examples:

Uncertainty associated with a negotiating situation is linked to:

– Expansion and development of the business itself
– Activation of new markets
– Buying and selling of assets (due dilligence)
– Internationalization of the business activity
– Public tenders
– Power relationships (with governments, competitors, suppliers and clients)
– Staying ahead of competitors
– Credibility and trust of partners, suppliers and clients

In a risk situation, uncertainty is related to:

– Equity disputes
– Credibility and confidence of the staff (both current and new hires)
– Counterintelligence
– The integrity of the IT and communications network is threatened by hacking
– Disclosure of corporate secrets
– Abuse of intellectual property rights
– Diversion of resources applicable to accounts, contracts and tenders
– Loss or theft of assets

Uncertainty emerges in a situation of conflict due to:

– Business disputes with competitors
– Collective and individual labour disputes
– Low levels of productivity
– Disability fraud
– Disagreements over compliance related to accounts, contracts and tenders
– Insolvency of partners, suppliers and clients

Uncertainty in situations of fraud is triggered by:

– Breaches of agreements and contracts
– Patent and trademark infringements
– Theft and illicit enrichment
– Asset stripping, credit fraud and fraudulent abuse of legal entities
– Relationships with the authorities and judicial institutions
– The specifics of claims, claimants, witnesses and proof

Our clients realize that with a suitable confidential report, they can combat uncertainty and optimize their corporate objectives and strategies.