Uncertainty is FIXENTIA’s business area.


At FIXENTIA we are aware that uncertainties are common in corporate management and can influence decisions. Our goal is to help you for decisions to be made with as much information and knowledge as possible.

Our services are listed in four kind of confidential reports:

1- BUSINESS STRATEGY. Confidential reports to clarify doubts on business strategy decisions:
– the day-to-day business activity
– activation of new markets and signing further contracts
– buying and selling of assets (due dilligence)

2- RELATIONSHIPS WITH PARTNERS, SUPPLIERS AND COSTUMERS. Confidential reports to establish the degree of credibility and trust they offer.

3- INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT). Confidential reports testing the integrity of the IT and communications network.
– implementation of security policy and threat prevention
– audit of the existing security
– forensic analysis of appliances

4- HUMAN RESOURCES. Confidential reports to establish the loyalty and trust of managers and workers.
– current staff and new hires
– disclosure of corporate secrets and theft
– low levels of productivity
– disability fraud

The casuistry of uncertainty in a business can be very varied. Nevertheless, FIXENTIA can assist you.
Our experience, discretion and confidentiality help us win the confidence of our clients to entrust us with empowering them to make decisions.